Getting Started

I’ve decided to add a blog to my website. I can’t figure out exactly how to add it to the actual website, mind you…so I guess just a link to the blog will have to do.

I have no idea what I’m going to blog about, since I no longer have a kid at home. Or a husband. Or even a boyfriend. I do seem to have my share of angst, however. And, even though my life is pretty mundane, there are moments….

For instance – there’s the tick problem.

Y’see, I love to go berry picking. I live in the middle of urban sprawl right now, and the berries are hard to find. But, I DID find some – at the rear of a nearby church. It never occurred to me that there would be a multitude of ticks right here in the city. But, let me tell you – city ticks are agressive little mothers!

Urban blood suckers!

I didn’t wear a drop of bug repellant. Ignorant bliss. So, after I came home and took a well-earned nap, I awoke to find a big ol’ fat, shiny tick embedded right in the center of my forehead! I mean, right up front! Grossssss! I yanked him out and sent him to tick heaven and commenced the Great Tick Hunt on my other regions. And that’s a sight in itself. My regions should not be examined by ANYBODY – even ME! It’s gotten that bad. Anyway, I found one more smallish critter just snacking away…and found another fat one on the dog. But, I dispatched him before DD got wise.

Now, two days later, I’m still all creepy-crawly. I’ve washed my clothes. Checked everything I can check. And, I still can’t get the sight of that little monster on my face out of my mind.

But, I’m planning the next trip to the berry patch. The majority of the berries were not quite ripe, so I MUST go back. Must, I tell you! This time, I’m taking about a gallon of DEET.

And, yeah…the cobbler was worth it.


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