Birthday Surprise

Birthdays have never been a really big deal in our family.   I don’t know why, really.  Maybe it’s because our parents didn’t have enough money to make a big deal out of them (what with five of us kids and all) and we just never developed the Big Birthday Celebration culture.

But, in any event, this is a big birthday for Auntietwo.  (I only have two aunts left, and she’s the youngest, so she’s Auntietwo.)  Auntietwo is a Yankee Doodle Dandy – born on the Fourth of July.  Friday is her 75th.  Family tradition or no family tradition, 75 years calls for a little bit of a celebration.

Butterfly in fine silver and enamel.

She’s a butterfly freak.  She has plants in her yard specifically to attract them.  She gathers their little eggs and watches the caterpillars spin cocoons or whatever they do, and she sends us endless emails about it.  I think it’s sweet.  So, I made her this silver butterfly –


Only thing is…she decided to galavant on this birthday.  Thank goodness I found out in time!  She’s flying to Minneapolis this morning (she lives in Houston) to visit the former organist from her church.  She’s going to sing at his new church this weekend.  I managed to get my hands on Dan’s address and phone number and shipped the butterfly off to him on Friday.  He’s totally cool with being my delivery boy.  I knew he would be.  So, the question is…since they both arrive today, will he be able to keep the box from her until Friday?  Not that it matters, but she does enjoy her birthday so much.  I’ d really like for the gift to magically appear on her special day.  It’s been a few years since I’ve done anything really special for her birthday.  She’s going to be so blown away.  I feel so smart!


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