It’s the Berries!

I’m having a great day. First of all, when I logged in this morning, I discovered that I had sold my first piece on Etsy! Woo-hoo! Just when I was worried that I was overpriced, I sold my most expensive piece. When I’m being serious with myself, I realize it may take a couple of years to really establish myself as a jewelry designer. But, logic is pushed aside with the excitement of actually selling something! I had to place a call to DD (who is with her other family in Texas this holiday weekend) to tell her the news! And, then I went berry-picking.

I just love to pick berries. And I love making things out of Mother Nature’s bounty. I didn’t get enough to make a batch of jam, but I’m putting them in the freezer and will add next week’s batch to them. That should be enough. I could have made a cobbler, but there’s another cobbler in the works. I’ll blog about that later.

So, anyway, there’s this Episcopal church nearby. Next to their parking lot is this great field full of wildlife and vegetation of all sorts, including blackberries.

Church Berry Patch

Can you see the berries? These are the ones right next to the parking lot.

Nice Episcopal berries! They’re truly gifts from God.

Episcopal Berries

They (the church, I think) take good care of this empty lot, mowing wide walking paths all through it. I ran into a nice couple this morning. There’s no trash. It’s really a fun place to sort of get away from the city for a few minutes.

The edge of the field

So far, I haven’t found any ticks this time. I loaded up with the DEET before leaving. I hated doing it, but I hate ticks even more. I sprayed my clothes, my hair, my shoulders – and paid special attention to my feet. I thoroughly sprayed my shoes and socks, and then folded my cuffs against my ankles, secured them with an elastic band, and sprayed again. Must have worked!

Tick-proofing my feet - I hope!

After leaving there, I went to the middle school, where I had spied berries previously. There weren’t enough ripe berries to have made that a worthwhile trip, except…I think I found a boatload of muscadine vines. I think! I’m going to keep my eyes on them. Of course, school will be back in session when they’re ready to pick. Surely middle-school kids won’t bother my wild grapes! Surely….



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