Just Chillin’

This is my granddog, Sassy. She’s a Jack Russell terrier. For those of you who are not familiar with the breed, I’ve heard it described as a dog that barks and kills things. I would add “jumps.” Barks and jumps and kills things. In other words, 100 pounds of dog in a 12-pound package. Sassy doesn’t really kill things, because we have no chickens or foxes or other suitable prey for her. But, she does have an assortment of animal-like toys that have been killed and gutted. We are constantly picking up toy guts.

But, this morning, she was just being her sweet self, which is pretty normal for her. She likes to take a sun bath in the corner of the yard early in the mornings. I felt as if I should take some SPF 30 out to her.

Sassy taking a sunbath



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