Today was the day I smarted up and brought my extra camera to work. There have been so many times when I longed to have a camera handy…but I didn’t want to run the risk of my Nikon disappearing. And then I remembered the extra camera. You know…the one that’s so obsolete AFTER JUST FOUR YEARS that it’s simply not worth using. The one that I paid ONE THOUSAND SMACKERS for a mere four years ago. That one.

So, I finally had a camera at work. And, lo!


Alvin the Chipmunk

Isn’t he just the cutest little rodent you’ve ever seen? I am calling him a chipmunk. I haven’t a clue if that’s what he really is, but “chipmunk” works for me.

I don’t know when Alvin moved in. Perhaps over the weekend, when things were quiet around here. But, he hasn’t chosen the best apartment. It’s not four feet from a very busy doorway. And there isn’t a blade of grass or rock or shrub or even a pansy to hide it. I guess he never heard the “Location, location, location” thing.

Alvin\'s Apartment

Alvin has a buddy. I’m not sure if it’s a “friend” kind of buddy or that other kind of buddy…if you get my drift, and I think you do. I hope it’s the other kind. On the other hand, I would NEVER get anything done, if there were baby chipmunks cavorting outside my office window.

What the heck – it’s off-season. Bring ’em on!


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