Scalpers! Scourge of the Earth!

Even before I was in show business, I loathed scalpers. I knew in my heart THEY were the reason Ticketmaster gave me nothing but back-row seats a mere 20 seconds after after online sales began. I just knew it.

Know what? I was right.

Now that I’m working on the inside, I can watch it happen before my very eyes. And I can’t do a darn thing about it!

A year or so ago, we had a fairly popular young singer in the house. Tickets were scheduled to go on sale at 10:00 on a particular morning. Our ticketing system at the time required that I manually flip the switch turning the sales on. At 10:00, I promptly checked the appropriate square on my screen and hit “enter.” In the time it took me to close that screen and go to the public portion of our website (not very darn long) a full third of the house was gone! I’m talking mere seconds! When I reviewed my transactions log, I saw that three people in other parts of the country had bought dozens upon dozens of tickets. And each of them had multiple logins going on simultaneously. So, we are talking automation. ARRRGH!

I talked to our ticketing vendor, and they essentially told me I just had to live with it. But, I don’t have to like it! I wish someone would figure out a way to deal with this scum.

This morning a patron called to complain that an online ticket vendor was selling tickets to one of our September events for around $300. List price on those seats is $45 – and we are nowhere near a sellout. Anybody could buy the tickets – directly from us – for $45. Yet, something tells me these crooks have a market for their products, because people are too lazy to check with us – or are just clueless. The real kicker is…the scalpers are offering seats in the LAST rows at those prices! Nobody has purchased any seats back there as of right now. The bad guys know that if they get a taker, they can pop over to our site and get their “inventory” at list price and sell it at a huge profit.

Just makes my blood boil!


– They moved the horse to another part of the lobby where I don’t have to look at it ALL the time. They left wheels underneath it so it can be moved easier next time. Maybe if I “accidentally” leave the doors unlocked tonight…. I’m just sayin’.

– I haven’t seen Alvin all day. I hope he’s just sleeping in because it’s a gray day.


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