Come Sit a Spell

When I moved to Tennessee, I bought what I assumed would be my last home. Facing retirement alone, I wanted something easy to care for – and that meant a teeny-tiny yard. They call ’em “zero lot” homes, but they do have a bit of a lot. I’ve got about 20X20 for a back yard, and approximately double that in the front, with a strip of about six to eight feet running down either side. It’s mostly planted in low-maintenance shrubbery and some fairly decent, carefree grass. Every summer so far, I’ve filled the patio with gorgeous flowers. And every summer, when I came back from my vacation…I found that my surrogate watering plans had fallen through, and my babies were dead. So sad. This year I decided to pass on the flowers, since I was planning a 10-day road trip in August. Well, the road trip fell through. I’m taking one long weekend instead. Surely DD will water my flowers for three days for me. Surely. So, last night I went out and got flowers.

I had almost waited too long. There were lots of marked down distressed plants…some mums for this fall and some things I don’t like. But, lo! There were some lovely vincas and my old hearty favorites, marigolds.

Aren’t the vincas beautiful? I really like the deep-hued ones like these. I didn’t go overboard…just got these few.

Patio vincas

The terracotta saucer is placed there to provide a nice, stable surface on which to set my scotch and water – I mean sweet tea (ahem!).

Every year I put marigolds in little pots on the back fence. I’m glad they’re back where they’re supposed to be now. I feel better.

Marigolds - ready for their closeup

Back fence with marigolds

And don’t you love my hydrangea bush? I planted it the first summer here.

My invisible hydrangea bush

I still can’t talk about it!

On the opposite side of the yard is the Herb Farm. As you can see, we are expecting quite a large crop of basil, rosemary and two kinds of mint. Now I won’t have to steal mint from my neighbor’s yard after dark. (Desperate situations call for desperate measures!)

The Herb Farm

So, that’s it. For a little under $50 and a bit of time and a tiny amount of sweat, I have a pleasant patio once again. I should have taken “before” photos, but I’d be ashamed to let anybody see them.

Would you like a nice, cool glass of....something?

Come sit a spell with me. I’ll make us a nice glass of sweet tea. Or perhaps something a little stronger?


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One Response to “Come Sit a Spell”

  1. Tipper Says:

    Love the ones along the fence!

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