Urban Foraging

I made the last run to the blackberry patch yesterday. I’m traveling next week, and the next time I’m available, the berries will be in decline. I did get a batch of blackberry jam made, and it was worth the wait. Man! I do good work! Wish you could taste it. It’s just not in the same league as the storebought stuff.

It tastes amazing on my latest batch of bread. (Recipe to share later, after I’m more sure of myself.)

After leaving the blackberry patch, I swung by the middle school again. I took these photos of what I think are muscadine vines. I think they’re called scuppernogs in some parts of the country. I’m convinced that’s what these are. Or maybe they’re just plain ol’ wild grapes. What do you think?

If they are indeed muscadines, they will make incredible jam. They don’t ripen until September. I will be making numerous trips to the middle school between now and then to keep an eye on my crop.


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One Response to “Urban Foraging”

  1. Daclaren Says:

    I just found your blog via City Mouse. I, too, have seen these mystery “wild grapes” or whatever they are; we have them in a few different places on our homestead. I’m not sure what they are, but I’m trying to find out as well.

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