Tweedy – Before and After

A while back we had Jeff Tweedy in the house. It was a great night. The fans were great. The artists were pleasant and easy to work with. I enjoy working with the promoter. All was well with the world.

But, I hadn’t bought my Nikon yet. My crummy little (albeit expensive) old camera just wasn’t up to the challenges of this really demanding show. The light was exceptionally low, and everyone wore black. I enjoyed the night so much and really wanted my own brand of souvenir of the event. But, what I got was this – nothing to write home about.

So, I applied one of my favorite plug-ins – Virtual Painter. I used the colored pencil filter this time (the same filter I used for the Lancaster Musicians photo I blogged about a couple of weeks ago).


I really like this effect and find that I use it pretty often. This shot would have never been seen by anyone but me, had I not gussied it up. Now, it is among the pieces that rotate through my office gallery. What do you think? Artsy? Or contrived? Interesting? Or just plain boooorrrrring? What’s your opinion? I can take it!



2 Responses to “Tweedy – Before and After”

  1. iPost Says:

    I like it! It is a far improvement over the original and it actually has a modern feel to it. I saved one of my really horrible photos not too long ago by applying a gradient. You can the results at my photo blog here:

  2. Shimmy Mom Says:

    I like it. I think that it’s so fun that we can tweek photos now so that even the ones we would have seen as boring can have a life. Great idea to try to change it. Until now, I’ve always just focused on the “good” photos. I’m going to go search through my files and try to mess with some “bad” ones now.

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