Field Trip!

Every day I drive past this field which is part of a public park/wetlands conservation area. Throughout the year, it contains an ever-changing array of growing things. Sometimes it’s corn (and later, a corn maze)…sometimes it’s cotton…sometimes it’s stuff I can’t identify. But, right now, it’s…



Who doesn’t love sunflowers? I decided to spend my lunch hour exploring the sunflower patch. I’d never looked at them so closely before. I discovered that I like them in all sorts of ways.

I like them unborn….




I like them as babies….






I like them in profile….





I even like their little backsides!





I like them in groups!




But mostly, I like them up close and personal.




Who knew they were so complex?





I picked a day when the heat index was well over 100. But, I figured sunflowers wait for no one, so I risked heat stroke and enjoyed every minute of it.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you who else was enjoying the sunflowers.


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4 Responses to “Field Trip!”

  1. Romi Says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Those are some beautiful sunflower pictures.

  2. noble pig Says:

    Those pics are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Gettysburg Mom Says:

    Sunflowers are oh-so pretty. We have an unplanned sunflower in the flower beds. I didn’t plant it, but we are certainly enjoying it! Great pics. Thanks for risking heat stroke. Now go get yourself an icy cold cocktail to cool off…

  4. iPost Says:

    Amazing photos! Hooray! We had a field last year and I kept putting off pics until it was too late. Note to self~go check this year! You’ve inspired me :0)

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