The Bee’s Knees

Yesterday’s trip to the sunflower patch was very productive, from a blogger’s standpoint. I got lots of photos of sunflowers…and lots of shots of other things. Enough for 3 days worth of posts.

I have been a little bit concerned about the bee decline. If you’re not up on the topic, just Google “bee decline” and you’ll quickly be brought up to speed. I was really relieved to see thousands of the little guys buzzing around the sunflowers yesterday. Most of them were these tiny, golden workers which are difficult to see against the sunflower centers. Do you see them both? Sometimes there were six or eight on the same flower. Just workin’ away! I couldn’t get them to stop long enough to pose.

These guys were larger and easier to see. But, I don’t see how they could stand it in the sun, seeing as how they were wearing those thick fur coats, and all.



I found them fascinating and could have watched all afternoon.

Well, maybe if it had been just a TAD cooler, I could have watched them all afternoon. The spirit was willing, even if the body was suffering.

Before I gave up and headed to the air-conditioned comfort of my car, my attention was diverted by this beauty –




I was so taken by the translucency of his wings. There were a couple hundred of his buddies there with him. I’ve always looked upon butterflies as creatures with just a touch of magic about them. There was certainly magic everywhere yesterday afternoon.

So, that’s the second installment of the Trip to the Sunflower Patch. Tomorrow we’ll take a peek at something growing nearby that *I* had never really seen up close before. I’ll bet many of you haven’t either.


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6 Responses to “The Bee’s Knees”

  1. City Mouse Says:

    Wow – stunning photos! The light on the butterfly is beautiful, but my favorite is the bee. Of course, I’m partial to bees and sunflowers. Thanks!

  2. Lo (Burp!) Says:

    Great photos!

    It’s always encouraging for me when I can see nature at work! I’ve read about the bee decline, and am concerned myself… so it’s always great to see a bee ambling about the garden!

  3. noble pig Says:

    Again, I love these shots.

  4. Gettysburg Mom Says:

    So, our one unexpected sunflower didn’t survive the four year old. It was plucked and is now sitting in a vase on the kitchen counter. Thank you for pictures of still living flowers!

  5. At Home Redesigns Says:

    Gorgeous photos. Hope you are going to frame them and hang them somewhere…

  6. Shimmy Mom Says:

    Great shots. The last two are absolutely beautiful closeups!

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