Cotton Pickin’ Cotton

I’m a Southern girl. All my life, I’ve studiously avoided cotton. I’ve heard many tales of woe from my grandmother that center on cotton…how hard it is to raise it and how hard it is to pick it. She told us how her fingers would quickly be ripped to shreds by the dry cotton husks, leaving blood stains all over her harvest. Many of my cousins lived in small towns where school shut down for a week so that kids could help their parents with the cotton harvest. (When you’re poor, your labor pool is the same as your gene pool.) And then there’s the cotton spray. I don’t know what the stuff is, but man! They spray cotton with something or other that is so vile, you just know it’s got to cause cancer. It permeates the air for miles around. You can’t get away from it. So, yeah…I’ve avoided cotton.

So, I’d never seen this:

I didn’t know that the lovely cotton blossom undergoes a change as it opens, fading midway through the process to this:

As the blossom nears the completion of its cycle, it turns more creamy.

I had never gotten close enough to a cotton field to see this beauty. Had I not stopped to photograph the sunflowers this week, I would probably NEVER have experienced it. I’m so glad I did.


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6 Responses to “Cotton Pickin’ Cotton”

  1. noble pig Says:

    It is beautiful. The most I know about comes comes from that movie with Sally Field where her husband gets killed and she has to harvest all the cotton. I’ve always loved that movie but yeah, hard work. Thanks for sharing the blossoms.

  2. Lisa J Says:

    Man your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I just scrolled through your blog and was looking at your pictures and you sure have some talent going there. What kind of a camera do you use? How did you find me? Thank you ever so much for coming over for a visit and I thank you for your words. Our kids are so valuable, yet can be such mess. Love them dearly huh? Would you come back over sometime and take a peak at some of my pics and if you have any suggestions share them with me. Thanks again.

  3. City Mouse Says:

    I never really put that together. I mean, I never considered that cotton has nice blossoms – even though the name of the boat in the musical “Showboat” is The Cotton Blossom. Looks kind of like a hibiscus, doesn’t it?

  4. Christine Says:

    Well, I’ll be darned. I’ve never seen cotton in bloom before. Cool.

    I loved “when you’re poor…”, I may have to use that some day. LOL

  5. Gettysburg Mom Says:

    Hmmm… as a Northern girl, I never knew cotton could be so pretty either. I agree with the Mouse, it looks kind of like a hibiscus!

  6. Shimmy Mom Says:

    I never knew that cotton had such beautiful blooms. Thanks for sharing. You learn something new everyday huh?

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