How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Part I

My vacation officially started about five hours ago. But, it will REALLY begin tomorrow when I head to Bloomington, IN to attend the finals of Drum Corps International.

I’ve always been about music education. And I love, love. love marching band. DCI carries marching to new heights. Their website says something about how DCI is the Major League of marching music. That’s putting it mildly for those of us who follow the sport…and it IS a sport, even though so much of it is art, too.

There’s something about hearing snares and tenors warming up in the parking lot. And smelling the diesel from the tour buses. Not to mention the pageantry…and the energy of thousands of high school and college-age kids, all psyched to give the performance of their lives in front of adoring crowds of fans. For them, this is the culmination of a summer of hard work on the road. They have toured the country, competing night after night, fine-tuning their show for this weekend’s showdown. This is the big-time in marching. This is what it all comes down to for these kids.

It’s been years since I’ve been to a finals, and I’m so happy this one is within reasonable driving distance. On the way, I’m stopping for lunch with old friends. I’m also in search of what Roadfood says is the best fried chicken in the country, somewhere in Kentucky, far away from the Interstate.

I’ll blog about my adventures and misadventures when I return – maybe Sunday. Monday for sure.



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3 Responses to “How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Part I”

  1. noble pig Says:

    Have a great time, can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. City Mouse Says:


    I was in a corps band in high school, and we frequently watched the videos. Even went on a trip to finals once.

  3. Daclaren Says:

    You’re a band geek, too? Heh…I, too, love DCI, although I’ve only seen the performances on TV so far. I can remember watching these on public television when I was in high school, and then the band director would bring in a videotape so we could see how much we sucked in comparison. đŸ˜‰

    I was a drummer all through school, or at least since 5th grade. I played snare in the marching band until my senior year, when I was moved to quints. Well, we were a rural school without much money, so it was actually quads with a bongo rigged in the middle.

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