Pardon Our Dust

This is Dick. He works for me. He’s watering the begonias in front of our building.

Some genius planted them there with no thought as to how they might get watered. If Mother Nature doesn’t take care of it, well…the poor things are out of luck. So, every few days, one of us rolls out our wheelchair, holding two trashcans full of water, and provides some relief for the poor things.

Let’s step back a bit. I think our entrance is pleasant, in spite of the watering crisis the flowers endure now and then. See those nice little oaks (at least I think they’re oaks) on either side of the entrance?

They’re doomed.

And some of us are quite unhappy about that.

The story is that “they” have decided we need a new sign on the front of our entrance. Fine. Perhaps we do. But “they” also decided that (a) the trees are in the way and will impair the installation of said new sign and (b) the trees are overgrown (???) and block the view of the sign.

Hmmmmm….overgrown? I thought oaks got waaaay bigger than that.

Plus, if you want to talk about blocking the sign, let’s take a gander at the front of the building as it is seen from the street.

That’s our building, peeking out from behind that apple tree, crape myrtles and pines.

But…the oaks have to go. And that makes me very, very sad.

So, day before yesterday, a truck and trailer pulled up. Four people piled out and started whacking on our ceiling with sledge hammers. My desk is just on the other side of that wall..about six inches from the “action.” It was so exciting. Notice the pink arrow? It points to our creative use of music stands as impromptu sign-holders. We were advising people to use the next set of doors just north of the construction. Of course, people just lifted the caution tape and crawled under, picking their way through the rubble and swinging sledgehammers. Have you noticed how dumb a lot of people are?

In no time at all, the stucco was flying all over everywhere.

This pink arrow points to Alvin’s burrow. I was seriously worried about Alvin. The noise alone should have scared him out of his furry little hide. The construction debris even got down his burrow entrance.

The workmen cleaned up pretty well, and even pulled the chunk out of the hole. I’m sure they had no idea they were threatening our office pet, but I’m also sure they wouldn’t have cared, had they known. But, all is well….Alvin made an appearance late this afternoon. I was so relieved to see him!

The rubble got even deeper than this. I just got embarrassed to take more pictures of these guys, who couldn’t begin to understand me, had I tried to tell them this was for my blog. I wonder what they thought I was doing.

By the time they were done, nothing was left but a bit of framework, with lights hanging by their wires. Now we wait for the next step, which will most likely start with men wielding chainsaws.



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One Response to “Pardon Our Dust”

  1. noble pig Says:

    Wow, that’s some serious whacking of a buliding, hopefully it’s over soon!

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