Bainbridge Petunia

I’m having a hard time getting myself back together now that vacation is over and work is the order of the day. Suddenly, there just aren’t enough hours. So, today’s post will be another of those manipulated photo discussions.

It started with a pleasant photo I took of a double petunia on Bainbridge Island a couple of summers ago. I really had a good time that afternoon and wanted a reminder to hang on the wall. But, the photo straight out of the camera seemed somewhat ordinary, as flower shots go. Here’s the original.

First, I applied the Orton Effect to get a “glow.” If you are not familiar with this process, simply Google Orton Effect, and you’ll get a number of tutorial sites that give step-by-step instructions. It uses pretty basic steps and can be done with a number of graphics applications.

Then, I applied a frame, using instructions found on Nightshadow FX. Those instructions refer to Paint Shop Pro, but I suspect the same filters are available in Photoshop and many other similar applications. Again…it’s pretty basic stuff.

And, the final result is:

Looking back on it, I now think the original wasn’t all that lacking….but I do like the framed version. I’m thinking that I may do it again, using just the frame…no Orton Effect. I’ve used this process for an ocean photo that was very boring, and it really made it snap. Give it a try. It’s fun to do!


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2 Responses to “Bainbridge Petunia”

  1. noble pig Says:

    Hey that’s fun, I love photo manipulation and it is always so cool to see what you can create.

  2. iPost Says:

    Beautiful! I always love when the glow seems to come from within the object!

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