Different Approaches

Today, Tracey over at Nine Acres: 20 Miles North of Nowhere is using one of my photos to illustrate this week’s Friday photo lesson. It’s all about layers. I’ve been struggling with layers for years…decades, reallly. I had asked her a question about them, and she invited me to submit a couple of photos to use to illustrate some points. I love what she’s done with the sample she chose to use today.

Let’s see what one of the others looks like. Here’s another original I sent her:

This was taken on the Loop 12 Bypass in the Texas Hill Country one fine April afternoon. I was a bit disappointed in the photo because the colors on the countryside were so intense that day, and none of the photos I took accurately reflected that. Plus, my little point and shoot digital just couldn’t cope with the strong contrast between the light-dappled leaf cluster and the bright flower heads. I fiddled with it and fiddled with it, and just couldn’t get it right.

So, eventually, I gave up and used my favorite picture-saving software – Virtual Painter. I love Virtual Painter. It’s what I used on the Jeff Tweedy and Lancaster Musicians photos I featured here earlier. I have several “paintings” framed and hung in my home now. I often print them on ink-jet canvas, and they really look great. So, anyway…here’s what I ended up with, using Virtual Painter:

I like it. But, I’ve always wished I could adjust it so that I could enjoy it as a photograph, too. Tracey did a very nice job of manipulating it. Here’s her version

Nice, huh?

I don’t know about you, but I’m severely layer-challenged. I’m looking forward to becoming enlightened. I’m about to get on over to Tracey’s place and see if I can learn a thing or two.

Thanks Tracey!


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4 Responses to “Different Approaches”

  1. iPost Says:


  2. City Mouse Says:

    I remember that learning layers in Photoshop was the thing that took me the longest to understand. Course it probably would have helped if I took a class, rather than just opening the program and fussing with it for months. Pretty plants!!

  3. Trainwreck Says:

    Good luck! I had no idea how to use them either! I just went over and she explained it great! I will have to try it now. Thanks for the info!! Great photos btw

  4. noble pig Says:

    Nice layering!

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