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Thanksgiving in the Country

November 28, 2008

This is my nephew’s house. It’s a nice house – bigger than the picture suggests. Warm and cozy and custom made for family gatherings. This time, six of us invaded – Bradley’s parents (my sister and her husband) Bert and Celia, our sister Bunnie and her husband Allen, and me and my daughter, April. And our assorted dogs. Five of ’em. Bradley’s cat could…not…cope. But, for us humans, it was a pretty good day.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Clear and crisp, but shirt-sleeve warm in the middle of the day. My sister Bunnie decided to gather dried materials from the countryside to make an arrangement for our dining room. She got a nice array.

There was also a bit of wood from a forgotten pile of firewood that she felt would serve as a great anchor for the design. Unfortuntely, it wouldn’t stand on its own and needed to be flattened. The boys came to the rescue!

First…Bradley and Allen attempted to level it with the handsaw.

Hmmmmm….not so good.

Time for power tools. The log was going to need an attached base in order to sit properly.

And, then there were the POWER TOOLS. Tim the Toolman Taylor would be so proud.

Finally, great minds and impressive brawn prevailed!

Bunnie got to work, and the final result was…


In the meantime, the chihuahuas were holding down the fort inside. How did we become a Chihuahua Family??? We never had chihuahuas before. Now we have ’em everywhere!

The focus of most of the day’s efforts, of course, was the meal. We had six pies for seven people. Doesn’t that sound about right to you?

All the sweet stuff wouldn’t fit on the card table, and somehow, that seems appropriate for Thanksgiving.

The turkey was finally done!

Thank you, Alton Brown, for popularizing the concept of turkey-brining. It was wonderful!

Allen carved, and we all ate! Gratefully and excessively.

We also paused to give thanks as a group and share our inner thankfulness as individuals. Like all families, we have our trials and tests, but we are so appreciative of the good things that have come our way. Taking a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the blessings of our lives is what this holiday is all about. I hope you all had a warm and wonderful holiday as well.