Making Ourselves Useful


Life continues to be unsettled and semi-sucky, so I’m not going to talk about things in general. But, I can report that we’ve been making ourselves useful. Well, this weekend, at least. We volunteered for a massive humanitarian effort coordinated by our church. We worked through Stop Hunger Now, a nonprofit that provides food for people in developing countries. The results of our efforts are destined for Haiti.

My daughter and I have a bit of connection to Haiti. She participated in a missionary trip there when she was in high school. My connection was somewhat shady, but it involved getting needed medical supplies to some desperate doctors during the 1990s embargo. Humanitarian supplies were supposed to get through, but…I guess the black market took care of THAT! Anyway….

This weekend we and 800 or so members of our diocese showed up to package bulk grains, dried veggies and vitamin supplements into meal packets. My daughter and I worked the weighing/sealing line. Here we are…ready to go!


The effort was incredibly well organized, down to the smallest detail. Before we knew it, we saw completed meals leaving by the pallet-load. Here’s a picture of the same group, immersed in their work!


It was fun, but it was hard work. After a few hours, we welcomed the news that the supply of bags was dwindling. We could smell success!


We were done by 3:30 – a half-hour sooner than we expected. They announced at church yesterday that we packaged 142,000 meals on Saturday! Is that amazing, or what? We’re ready to do it again!


4 Responses to “Making Ourselves Useful”

  1. noble pig Says:

    That is so, so wonderful.

  2. smallpines Says:

    Oh, my! 142,000! That is awesome. You posted that on Nov 9 – has it been that long since I have been here? Shame on me.

  3. Suzette Says:

    …and I should be ashamed for no more postings since then. But, life has been so messed up! Things have turned the corner and are quite promising. I won’t have to be Gloomy Gertrude any more. As soon as the holidays are over, I’ll catch up!

  4. Cedar Says:

    Wonderful work,…

    and like Small Pines I apologize for my absence here. I think perhaps life’s craziness has been hitting a lot of us. Here’s to more communication among blogging friends in 2010!

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