Make like a tree…and leave.

So, I casually glanced out my dining room window this morning and saw the scene above.

“What IDIOT has trimmed his tree and put it on MY curb!” We have some personal space issues in this neighborhood, and it makes me crazy. More of the same…or so I thought!

So, I walked outside in my jammies and saw MORE limbs piled at the other side of my yard:

Hey…that’s the kind of tree I have in MY yard! Genius that I am, it began to dawn on me that this was MY tree I was all ticked off about. MY TREE!


A huge chunk of my tree had broken off and, apparently, fell onto the neighbor’s house. A casual inspection didn’t show damage other than to the large shrub in his flower bed. But, I’m thankful that I have good insurance, nonetheless.

I don’t like this tree. It’s a Bradford Pear, known for its quick growth and lush foliage. But, they’re weak and notorious for splitting. It’s intrusive and prevents the growth of grass on that side of the yard – and its dang roots make the ground all lumpy and bumpy. I lost one to a storm on the other side of the yard several years ago. I’ve been worried about this one, since it had gotten so large. I think I’m going to have it removed. Maybe my Sweet Boyfriend and I can do it all except the stump.

What a way to start the day. It’s gotta get better than this.

Doesn’t it?


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