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Quick Update….

September 24, 2010

I have a huge wound. Huge. And it hurts. And is ugly as hell. I didn’t expect this. I thought it would be kind of superficial and tidy. It’s messy. And did I mention that it hurts? Actually, I’m mostly whining. It is much better. I don’t get the stitches out until the 12th, and I suspect I will need every one of those days to mend before they’re removed.

The good news is I came home late last night and found a message on the machine from the doctor’s office. The lab results confirm the doctor’s in-office findings….they got it all.

Use sunscreen religiously, y’all. You don’t want one of these “decorations.”


C is for…cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma, to be exact. On my chest. Smack dab in between The Girls. At least it’s not smack dab in the middle of my face!

Scared? You betcha. Pissed off? Totally. This was not in The Plan. I don’t have time or money for this. Of all the disorders that pop up as we age, I never saw myself as a cancer patient. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this one.

I don’t know when it started, for sure. I’ve been aware of this puffy, itchy, “weird” spot on my chest for a couple of months. Obviously, it’s been there a while, but it just started pitching a fit lately. It itched furiously for a while. I thought I had contact dermatitis from wearing a necklace close to my skin and sleeping with it on. Then, it calmed down a bit and kind of smoothed over. But didn’t go away. Finally, last week, my Gentleman Friend said, “So…when are you going to get that ‘thing’ on your chest looked at?” We’d never discussed it. That was enough of a nudge. Lo and behold! My dermatologist had an opening that afternoon.

I should have known. They came in and took pictures of it! Then, he started telling me about how…”IF it turns out to be malignant…” what we would do about it, describing in detail the surgical procedure. Helllloooo! Nope…nobody home. Total denial on my part. I asked no questions. Just nodded and wondered how long I was going to have to wear that stupid gown. So they took a big chunk out…stitched me up…sent me home with antibiotics and ointment.

They called yesterday morning. I’m having surgery at 8:00 Monday morning. I wish it was today. Or yesterday! I just want the nasty thing outa here!

I’ve never been a sun worshiper. But, at various times in my life, I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of boating, skiing, fishing and such. And, my generation didn’t bother with sunscreens. We were all about The Tan. I’ll admit I did use a tanning booth for a while. IDIOT!

Now that I’ve started asking around, it turns out many people I know have been down the same road. It’s amazing! The survival rate is high, but I AM concerned about the size of this thing – and the speed with which it became a problem. So, this is the price I pay for my Anglican heritage…and youthful stupidity. I want a do-over!


Drawing Blanks

September 10, 2010

I’ve had a little bit of an increase in traffic on this blog lately. I thought I’d take a moment to explain to new (and old) friends what’s going on with my pictures.


A few years ago I bought the domain “” That’s where I was stashing all my photos and another, un-blog-like website. The photos used here on WordPress were linked to the stash on that domain. Sometime last year an evil-doer hacked into my site. I have no idea what good that could have possibly done him. But, anyway…he did. And he used my domain name to peddle porn and other yucky stuff, like malicious files. I had no idea. This eventually came to the attention of the people servicing the domain, and they locked it. Unfortunately – you know how it is – all my pathways to the thing were automated. I hadn’t a clue what my username and passwords were. Therefore, I couldn’t get in through the “back door” and retrieve my photos and files. The domain people were most unhelpful. I got nowhere. So, when it came time this summer to renew the domain, I (surprise) elected not to.

The most visible result of this situation is that a lot (most) of the photos on my blog are now nonexistent. To make matters worse, I suffered a hard drive failure in February and, idiot that I am, had not backed up anything in a long, long while. So, for the most part, I can’t reconstruct those posts. I did find a few photos from this blog just recently and will start reworking those posts in the next few days. But… I feel so stupid. I know better than to go un-backed-up.

I’m now storing all my blog photos on Photobucket and shouldn’t have this sort of problem again. Too little too late.

So, anyway – that’s what all the holes are about. A few of them will be filled soon – but many of them are history. SIGH….