Drawing Blanks

I’ve had a little bit of an increase in traffic on this blog lately. I thought I’d take a moment to explain to new (and old) friends what’s going on with my pictures.


A few years ago I bought the domain “girlfromtexas.com” That’s where I was stashing all my photos and another, un-blog-like website. The photos used here on WordPress were linked to the stash on that domain. Sometime last year an evil-doer hacked into my site. I have no idea what good that could have possibly done him. But, anyway…he did. And he used my domain name to peddle porn and other yucky stuff, like malicious files. I had no idea. This eventually came to the attention of the people servicing the domain, and they locked it. Unfortunately – you know how it is – all my pathways to the thing were automated. I hadn’t a clue what my username and passwords were. Therefore, I couldn’t get in through the “back door” and retrieve my photos and files. The domain people were most unhelpful. I got nowhere. So, when it came time this summer to renew the domain, I (surprise) elected not to.

The most visible result of this situation is that a lot (most) of the photos on my blog are now nonexistent. To make matters worse, I suffered a hard drive failure in February and, idiot that I am, had not backed up anything in a long, long while. So, for the most part, I can’t reconstruct those posts. I did find a few photos from this blog just recently and will start reworking those posts in the next few days. But… I feel so stupid. I know better than to go un-backed-up.

I’m now storing all my blog photos on Photobucket and shouldn’t have this sort of problem again. Too little too late.

So, anyway – that’s what all the holes are about. A few of them will be filled soon – but many of them are history. SIGH….


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