Thinking Pink

I’ve only participated in one charity race event in the past. A “meowathon” to support a local cat rescue organization. With my recent cancer scare, and the discovery of an aggressive form of breast cancer by my boss this summer, participating in this year’s Race for the Cure seems like the thing to do.

As the years march by, an ever-increasing number of friends have faced this damn disease. Every time I turn around, someone else has joined the ranks. Thank God, they are all survivors. That says a lot about the state of medical science these days. But, there’s still no sure-fire cure. If we are ever to realize that dream, we must keep walking, and wearing pink and doing whatever it takes to keep the dollars flowing and the interest high.

If you can consider making a donation to support me in this year’s race, please visit my personal race page.

And watch this space for race pix in a week…give or take a few days.


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