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What a weekend!

November 3, 2010

This has been the busiest few days in recent history. I’ve had all sorts of creative projects in the works…with several events mixed in, just to keep things interesting.

This weekend was the Race for the Cure. I had never participated in one before, but this year was special. My boss was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in June and just finished her chemo this past week. She wasn’t feeling her best, but she managed to do the Fun Run – and we were there every step of the way with her. She’s the one wearing the pink survivor shirt below. (Isn’t that a great picture?)

We met our team fund raising goal and were also the highest-ranked civic organization. So, it was an especially happy day for us.

It was a beautiful morning as we took off down the road with 19,000 of our friends!

I loved being part of this. Aside from doing some good…it was just plain fun! Loads of interesting people turned out. It seems we ran into someone we knew every time we turned around. These ladies were new acquaintances, however. Their hats were just the beginning of the story. Their vests and jackets were covered with even more pins. They literally flashed in the sun! They are survivors and have been collecting pins and doing races for a long, long time! I hope they gather so many more pins that they run out of places to put them!

Tired, but happy, we vowed to do this again next year. Bigger and better than ever.

But, that’s not all…

The previous evening our boss was honored by an arts organization at their masked gala. We all donned our masks and cheered her on as she gave the best acceptance speech of the evening.

The upcoming “normal” weekends just can’t compare with this. I need to find something interesting to do!