Obsessions R Us

It was only a matter of time before another obsession took over. This is a rather old one – recurring with renewed passion and vigor. I’m playing with electronic art. Specifically, I’m turning digital images into paintings. The opening graphic was from an old, old photo I took nearly 20 years ago while touring in Maine. It was printed on paper, which I later scanned. I have no idea where the original is. Nor do I know why I scanned it just 100 pixels wide! But, I did. In any event, it was the perfect subject for my new baby – Dynamic Auto-Painter.

Here’s how the original looked before processing. This photo is enlarged from the version I had saved all those years ago.

Meh! It never did it for me. And, believe me…I tried playing with it. A lot.

I’m not going to go on and on about DAP. If you’re interested, you will follow the link, and from there will go on to the discussion forum, as I did. But, I will say that it offers TONS of opportunity for artistic expression. You can make the painter do just about anything. I’ve done many versions of the pieces I’ve played with so far, tweaking the brushes, making the paint wetter or drier, adding detail, removing detail, changing the color blends. It’s amazing what all you can do with this.

Here’s a lousy photo that I took last week. There just wasn’t enough light on the stage to capture this guy as he came from the wings in a poof of fog.

And this is what DAP did with it! This was my first try – and why I’m hooked!

You should see it printed on canvas, with a brush stroke overlay of clear acrylic. Stunning!

And, finally…my soon-to-be niece used this photo of her and my nephew as the avatar for her Facebook account. I couldn’t leave it alone.

Typical avatar photo. Pleasant enough. Here’s what I did with it. First, I took out the Christmas stuff. Made a sorta background out of colors I picked up off their clothes and faces. I wasn’t too careful, knowing DAP would take over and do magical things. It didn’t let me down. Here’s the outcome….

Nice, huh? As soon as my new wide format printer and some large-size canvas arrive, this is going into a frame. So is the High and Dry in Maine shot.

I need to get some more walls!


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