Adventures in Gardening

Aren’t they pretty? My new plants. I had high hopes of turning them into a new flower bed by this afternoon. It ain’t happenin’! I really bit off more than I could chew this time.

So, back in the winter, I talked Sweet Boyfriend into helping me dig up a row of shrubs in front of my dining room windows. The world’s ugliest shrubs. I wish I had taken a “before” photo, but I didn’t think about it until it was too late. But, the offending shrubs were lurking in the background when I documented the damaged tree last year. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Ugly, ugly, ugly!

It’s history now. But, left in its place were six stumps. Six very stubborn stumps. I sprayed ’em with brush killer an left them to finish out the winter. Here’s one of them awaiting removal earlier today –

No problem. I’ll just slip my brand new sharpshooter shovel under those roots and tip ’em out. Then, I’ll replace the ugly with hydrangeas, caladiums and begonias. All bright and pretty and new

Well, that was the PLAN. What actually happened was when I applied significant pressure to the handle of the shovel, the damn thing snapped in two!

The force of the break sent me sprawling face first into the dirt. I creamed both knees on the brick edging and sprained my right wrist. I’m just counting my lucky stars that i wasn’t impaled on the broken shovel. I had a few scary nanoseconds as I headed earthward. It’s amazing how many cusswords you can say in such a short period of time.

Sweet Boyfriend says they will give me my money back on the shovel. Wonder if they’ll restore my dignity, too!


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