The tree has left the building!

Yesterday afternoon Sweet Boyfriend brought over his son and daughter-in-law to dispatch of the Damn Tree. I’ve chosen to capitalize here because the thing has taken on a life and personality of its own. They began with a few initial cuts with the bow saw. Before long, they were moving on to the big boys, using the little chainsaw I bought for the occasion.

As each branch came down, we all dove in to cut it into little pieces. That part was an amazing process to watch. It took us no time at all to sort out who had which job, and we made quick work of it!

Before long, we came to the most difficult phase of the project. Elimination of the main trunk. That was a bit of a challenge with my baby saw.

I didn’t expect this to be the most complicated part – but it was. Eventually, it was dispatched, and we were left with THIS!

Now I’ve just got to work on those roots crawling all over my yard. But, I’ve eliminated a few already, and I have a battle plan. It will probably take most of the summer, but they’ll be history soon, too!

I took the combatants to dinner to celebrate. And then I went home and stood in my yard and just stared at the stump for a while. What am I going to complain about NOW?

I figure something will come along in no time at all! 🙂


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