Beverage of Choice

White Merlot  on the patio

One of the things that I wish I knew more about is wine. I am intrigued by it – and somewhat overwhelmed. Adding to my frustration is that I don’t like red wine. Perhaps I’ve just not been exposed to the best of the reds. I need to work on that.

In the meantime, I’ve begun reading a local blog called Whining and Dining. One of the things they do is organize wine and cheese tastings. Online! Participants are given the names of the upcoming wine and cheese selections, and at a certain time, everyone logs on, cracks open the wine, slices the cheese and talks about it. What a great concept! It’s been very informative, not to mention entertaining. One of the most interesting things about it is that it has freed me to pursue exploring my favorite types of wine – the blushes. There is a general lack of acceptance of blush wines – or so I thought. But, this group tastes blushes with regularity – and many members make no apology about liking the blush wine of the moment. That makes me feel better about my own taste in wine. I no longer apologize for leaning toward the lighter wines. Apparently, that’s perfectly fine!

The wine above was a white merlot, bottled by Beringer. Nothing fancy. Just cool, drinkable pleasure. I totally enjoyed this bottle and will be stocking up a bit in the near future. There are several more blushes in the fridge, along with a pinot grigio and a couple other varieties I’ve never tried before. All are on the light side – and that’s OK. It’s time to own my wine preferences and get on with it! Anybody got a corkscrew?


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