World’s Worst Blogger Strikes Again!



So…I’ve been busy these last several months.  Like reallllly busy.  Does the graphic above give you a hint?  It’s one of the labels on the water bottles we will offer our guests at our wedding.  Yes, I’m getting married.  After 22 years of militant singleness…I’m deliriously, happily, totally in love. I would have never expected to be taking such a step at 63…but here I am.

And here is my groom. The one on the right! Isn’t he cute?

Jack and Hollywood at "the farm"

The big day is one week from today. We are absolutely BURIED in wedding plans – physically and every other way. There are boxes of candle holders…boxes of favors…boxes of centerpieces…boxes of wine and champagne…bags of wedding cake ingredients…stacked everywhere. (Yes, I’m doing my own wedding and grooms cakes.) I work at the wedding venue, and I’ll be able to start moving this mountain of stuff over there a few days prior…but for now, we just deal with it.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take pictures of the details over the next few days. And maybe there will be pictures of the build-up as we start pulling it all together. It should be fun, if not a little hectic. Stay tuned. There may be something worth watching soon! 🙂


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