Alabama Quickie

love bugs

We made a quick trip down to Fairhope, Alabama to visit my husband’s brother and our coastal extended family.  We had a lovely time.  The weather was terrific (as long as humidity isn’t part of the discussion), we got lots of visiting in, saw some sights and ate lots of good food.  We were joined at one of our meals by these “love bugs.”  We were pretty close to the Florida border at that point.  I have some vivid memories of driving through bazillions of these things back in the day when I was a Floridian.  I could have gone the rest of my life without being reminded of them.  We let them continue their amorous activities.  Because we’re nice.

Our lunch took place at Lulu’s, a riverside establishment owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister.  Lunch was good – the best gumbo of the trip – and the view was pleasant.


I have sort of gotten over my lust for other people’s boats, thank goodness.  I did say, “sort of.”  Somehow, I always end up at the marina.

marina at lulus

We went over to Orange Beach (I think) and walked out on the fishing pier.  I have so many photos of my husband gazing out over a watery horizon.  He loves it so!  I kinda like it, too.

jack on fishing pier

orange beach

There weren’t nearly as many people on the beach as I expected.  It was actually quite nice.  I wonder if they would have been in the water, had they seen the dozen or more sharks we saw while walking out on the pier (from which this photo was taken).

The next morning we drove out to the Grand Hotel in Fairhope and got a little classic Spanish Moss exposure.  I was warned not to touch the stuff.  Apparently, it’s chock full of chiggers!

spanish moss


The “boys” found a little time to chat, and I found a little time to take a few photos, most of which were pretty ordinary.  I got one palm tree shot that I’ve run through some painting apps and will turn into framed art.  Soon, I hope.  I like it a lot.

Waterlogue 1.1.4 (1.1.4) Preset Style = Bold Format = 6


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