Busy Week!

We started this week with a little bit of medical “stuff.”  My DH got a partial cornea transplant.  I didn’t know they do partials.  But, apparently, implanting a certain kind of cell (and, presumably removing the bad versions of said cells) causes corneas to kind of regenerate, and eventually vision improves.  He had to go this route when it became apparent that his cataract surgery, while successful, wasn’t going to give him acceptable vision.

So…it’s done.  And we wait.  He’s being a good patient.

In the meantime, I’m beginning to think about autumn.  We have fairly decent fall color around here.  Certainly nothing like the Northeast, but a helluva lot better than Texas.  I’ve been interested in seeing Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas during the fall, but just haven’t made it happen.  It’s not a long drive at all.  Looks like it’s worth it to me!

petit jean in autumn

Isn’t that pretty!?  I am really wanting to get back into camping, but we’re a long way from being there.  At least we have the truck now.  Who knows when we will add a little travel trailer.  Until that day, we do what we can do.  I’m thinking maybe,  just maybe, a yurt would feel sorta like camping.  They have them at Petit Jean.

petit jean yurt

Or…a cozy cabin with a fireplace.  Two of their cabins are dog-friendly, too!  It’s a thought.  But, they’re kind of pricey.  Nice, though.

petit jean cabins

The least expensive housing option (other than a tent or travel trailer) is to stay in the lodge.  It’s not half bad, either.

lodge lobby

Who knows.  This may not happen.  But, if I don’t do some exploring it certainly won’t.  I think I could handle a long weekend at Petit Jean!


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