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Are you scared yet?

October 27, 2015

neighbors yard 8sml

Our neighbors go all out for Halloween.  I saw their yard as an opportunity to practice night photography last weekend.  We are going to Petit Jean State Park this coming weekend, and for me it’s mostly a photography excursion.  Part of that will (hopefully) include some night sky shots.  I say “hopefully” because there are high chances of rain while we are there.  I don’t mind so much in the daytime hours, as rain has a way of intensifying fall colors.  But rain clouds could definitely put a damper on star shots.

neighbors yard 3sml

So, the neighbors’ yard gave me the opportunity to practice focusing in the dark, using my shutter timer, fiddling with the settings, etc.  It was fun.  These shots are maybe 1/3 of what’s going on in their yard.  A lot of the yard is heavily influenced by those standard-issue yellow-ish streetlights.  Ugly, ugly, ugly.  I got tired of working so hard to get the colors right, that I only processed a handful of shots.  These are my favorites.

neighbors yard 2sml

I can see me doing lots more nightime shooting.  I’ve just begun to explore the possibilities.  I’m so glad I got that new camera that gives me the flexibility and range to do this.


A good decision….

October 10, 2015

pink vinca sml

We had a lovely, gentle rain last night.  This morning, everything in the yard was covered with little raindrop jewels.  It was the first time I really had an opportunity to play with my camera.  I shot these using the lens that came with it (EFS 18-135 IS STM), hand-held, in full auto mode.

tiny mushroomsml

hot pink vinca 2 sml

I am delighted!  Thrilled!  Now I’m really excited about getting out there and capturing some fall color.


When hobbies collide…

October 7, 2015

quilting squaressml

So, I got my new camera.  And I love it!  The only problem is, I’m too busy to play with it.  I’ve thumbed through the two manuals I purchased.  I’ve set up a few of the preferences as recommended.  But, actually take pictures?  Not much.  I was planning to wander around the grounds where I work on my lunch break.  Maybe explore the park nearby.  But, my assistant has experienced a death in the family, and I’m super busy in his absence.

One of the other things that occupies my time is quilting.  I have this UFO (un-finished object) sitting on the dining room table, so I took a few shots of the fabric pieces.  I love the colors.  Playing with the image a little in post-production software was fun.  But, really…I have no time right now.  This is so frustrating!

I must find time to get more familiar with this electronic wonder before the leaves start really turning.

I’m Expecting a New Baby!

October 2, 2015

No, no, no!  Not THAT kind of new baby!  THIS kind of new baby –

canon70dOf all the hobbies I pursue, photography is the most enduring.  I keep coming back to it.  Decade after decade.  I’m not all that good at it – just good enough to frustrate myself.  But, I enjoy it nonetheless.  This month is one of those rare months where we get three paydays instead of the normal two.  I should have saved that little windfall, but money is less tight right now than it has been in quite a while.  So I gifted myself!    Not only did I get a new camera…it came with all these goodies:


I will never use some of them, I’m sure.  But, some will get a real workout.  I also got extra cards and a couple of guidebooks.  The learning curve is very steep on today’s digital SLRs.

I’ve been shooting with an entry-level Nikon, and while I do get some really nice photos now and then, it sometimes disappoints me, and some of its features are not what I would like.  Plus, it handles reds and other bright, saturated colors with a bit of a heavy hand.  I have been very impressed with the images I’ve seen from the 70D.  Can’t wait to get my hands on it!  Monday.  Yay!

The trees are threatening to start turning.  Any day now.  We have discussed the aforementioned possible trip to Petit Jean State Park.  Looks like we may squeeze in at least one overnighter.  Now it’s just a question of timing.  I hope to have an opportunity soon to shoot a few more memorable shots of fall color, similar to these from a day trip to Big Hill Pond State Park a few years ago.  How I love autumn!

sweet gum 1

sweet gum 2