When hobbies collide…

quilting squaressml

So, I got my new camera.  And I love it!  The only problem is, I’m too busy to play with it.  I’ve thumbed through the two manuals I purchased.  I’ve set up a few of the preferences as recommended.  But, actually take pictures?  Not much.  I was planning to wander around the grounds where I work on my lunch break.  Maybe explore the park nearby.  But, my assistant has experienced a death in the family, and I’m super busy in his absence.

One of the other things that occupies my time is quilting.  I have this UFO (un-finished object) sitting on the dining room table, so I took a few shots of the fabric pieces.  I love the colors.  Playing with the image a little in post-production software was fun.  But, really…I have no time right now.  This is so frustrating!

I must find time to get more familiar with this electronic wonder before the leaves start really turning.


4 Responses to “When hobbies collide…”

  1. Marsha Says:

    Sign up for a weekly photo challenge for inspiration. They help you learn your camera because you have to use it at least weekly, and challenges you to try new things.

    I also have too many hobbies, one of which is quilting.

  2. Suzette Says:

    That might help me make time. Is there a specific one you can recommend?

    • Marsha Says:

      I’m doing photochallenge(dot)org on and off. There are postings once per week, usually starting on Sunday. You can sign up for emails and/or join the Facebook group under the same name.

  3. Suzette Says:

    That looks so neat! Just joined the group. Must go looking through all the dark corners looking for those fasteners!

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