Are you scared yet?

neighbors yard 8sml

Our neighbors go all out for Halloween.  I saw their yard as an opportunity to practice night photography last weekend.  We are going to Petit Jean State Park this coming weekend, and for me it’s mostly a photography excursion.  Part of that will (hopefully) include some night sky shots.  I say “hopefully” because there are high chances of rain while we are there.  I don’t mind so much in the daytime hours, as rain has a way of intensifying fall colors.  But rain clouds could definitely put a damper on star shots.

neighbors yard 3sml

So, the neighbors’ yard gave me the opportunity to practice focusing in the dark, using my shutter timer, fiddling with the settings, etc.  It was fun.  These shots are maybe 1/3 of what’s going on in their yard.  A lot of the yard is heavily influenced by those standard-issue yellow-ish streetlights.  Ugly, ugly, ugly.  I got tired of working so hard to get the colors right, that I only processed a handful of shots.  These are my favorites.

neighbors yard 2sml

I can see me doing lots more nightime shooting.  I’ve just begun to explore the possibilities.  I’m so glad I got that new camera that gives me the flexibility and range to do this.


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