I’m a sixty-something woman, living in West Tennessee. After several decades of working in the disability field in Texas and Washington, DC, I began a new life here – in show business, of all things. I work at a performing arts venue. It’s an exciting and very interesting world, and somewhere I never dreamed I’d find myself.

I share my home with my husband, Jack, and a huge gray cat named Max. My daughter and granddog Sassy (an appropriately-named Jack Russell Terrier) live a half-hour away. My life is heavily influenced by my hobbies – when I’m not working, that is. And I do work a lot! I cook a great deal…paint…dabble in photography…play with digital imagery…sew and quilt…do machine embroidery…make silver and glass jewelry…play with pretty paper…you can never tell what I’m going to explore next. For that reason, I think this blog is a little unfocused – like me!

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One Response to “About”

  1. Lisa J Says:

    My cousin is a girl from Texas now living in Tennessee also. She was in Conroe Texas and now is in Nashville. I miss her a lot, we have grown apart just by life and life issues. But when we get together we have so much fun. She loves Tennessee and will never come back this way, Oklahoma or Texas. I really did enjoy seeing your pictures.

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